Steroid-protein interaction with particular reference to testosterone binding by human serum

Economic Growth and the Structure of Long Term Development. Proceedings of the IEA Conference held in Varenna, Italy

Pokémon Go

You Spoony Bard!: An Analysis of Video Game Localization Practices

Profile preferences among diversified groups

Book Review: The Shifter's Choice by Jenna Kernon

Like this

Like this

Becoming girl-woman-bride

Abra: Expanding Artists' Books into the Digital Realm


Invisible Woman

Thailand: beauty and globalized self-identity through cosmetic therapy and skin lightening

Like this

The soul in grief: Love, death and transformation

How alexander selkirk's story is related to robinson crusoe, and the beginnings of the novel

Hallowed in truth and love: Spirituality in the Johannine literature

An Investigation of Relationships between Body Mass Index and Factors of Wellness among Full-Time Employees at Private Kentucky Colleges and Universities

Psychological and behavioral treatments for insomnia

Rehabilitation of drug-addicted persons: the experience of the Nav-Chetna Center in India

Therapeutic Soul Searching

in the West

Rhwystrau ar lwybr dwyieithrwydd

A yw cynnwys rhifedd ar draws y cwricwlwm mewn amryw o wersi yn enwedig addysg gorfforol wedi cael effaith ar ddatblygiad rhifedd disgyblion

Participatory Workshops+ Art Video Project+ How to Score in Canton

IL Circolo DEL Tempo

Appropriating new technology for minority language revitalization

The Decline and Attempted Conservation of the Welsh Language in Modern Wales 1510-2010

The fungal endophytes of erythrorchis cassythoides-is this orchid saprophytic or parasitic

Status, threats and conservation strategies for orchids of western Himalaya, India

South African red data book: plants-Fynbos and Karoo biomes

Gender, Genera, Genre and Geography: Colonial Women's Writing and the Uses of Botany

On toadstool soup and legal species of marihuana

Land-use and socioeconomic change, medicinal plant selection and biodiversity resilience in far Western Nepal

Berserk Rage through the Ages

Segmenting, signalling and tailoring: probing the dark side of target marketing

Paving the planet: cars and crops competing for land

Human health

Household food insecurity and coping strategies in a poor rural community in Malaysia

Choosing pedagogy and technology for an international web-based masters degree

Book Review: Lincoln and His Books

The singin lass: a reflection on the life of the poet Marion Angus (1865-1946) in the form of an account of her life and work, and three extracts from'Blackthorn', a novel

Archaeological and palynological studies at the Mesolithic pitchstone and flint site of Auchareoch, Isle of Arran

Captain William Kennedy-an extraordinary Canadian

Reflections on Translating Dialect in Jokes and Humour

Putting them in the hands of God: A successful Christian school in Australia

Earlier holiday breaks preferred

The Berenstain Bears' Old-Fashioned Christmas

Gateway (December 2013

Modeling the internet of things, self-organizing and other complex adaptive communication networks: a cognitive agent-based computing approach

Small Scale Living and the Meaning of Home

TV cook shows: Gendered cooking

Appropriate the Stereotype: Cultural Appropriations and the Queer, Lesbian, and Gay Spectatorships of Madonna and Martha Stewart

Court culture and literature in early China

Modeling the internet of things, self-organizing and other complex adaptive communication networks: a cognitive agent-based computing approach

It'S 'A Good Thing': The Commodification Of Femininity, Affluence, And Whiteness In The Martha Stewart Phenomenon

It'S 'A Good Thing': The Commodification Of Femininity, Affluence, And Whiteness In The Martha Stewart Phenomenon

Francis Bacon: Back to Degas

Early Medieval Ireland AD 400-1100

Comrades of All Wars: Bangor---It's People and History. Memorial Book, Norman N. Dow Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Midtown Holding Pattern: Stories

Lopapeysa: the significance of patterns in the Icelandic sweater

Feminism, activism, and knitting: Are the fibre arts a viable mode for feminist political action

Urbanhermes: fashion signaling and the social mobility of images

The Parthenon, September 25, 2015

Organic Morality: A Poetic Garden Rhetoric Originating in the 18th Century

Fundamentals of operative dentistry: a contemporary approach

The theory and practice of Neo-Realism in the work of Harold Gilman and Charles Ginner

Equivocal Positions': The Influence of William Rothenstein, c. 1890-1910

Revisiting the Text of the Henry VIII Manuscript (BL Add MS 31,922): An Extended Note

The cult of Rodin: words, photographs, and colonial history in the spread of Auguste Rodin's reputation in northeast Asia

Cyclopaedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences

Cyclopaedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences

Splish Splash, Splish Splash: Concepts of Hygiene in Women's Prescriptive Literature Making of the Middle Class

New Life Cycles for Architecture and Infrastructure of City and Landscape

The Tanforan Memorial Project: how art and history intersected

Review of Mobile DNA-finding treasure in junk by Haig H Kazazian

Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923) PowerPoint Presentation

Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Dry Tortugas 1929

Loss and Renewal: My Sicilian Roots in New Orleans

Promoting Spiritual Growth Among Camp Counselors Through Camping Ministries

Loss and Renewal: My Sicilian Roots in New Orleans

Management mistakes and successes

Constructing the Ideal University-The internationalisation of higher education in the competitive knowledge society

Evolution of cooperative thought, theory and purpose

The Institutional framework of European private law

JHH Weiler (ed.), The EU, the WTO and the NAFTA-Towards a Common Law of International Trade

Law of international trade: cross border commercial transactions

Law of international trade: cross border commercial transactions

Beneath the Surface: American Culture and Submarine Warfare in the Twentieth Century

Sälja eller låna ut, är det skillnad?-En experimentell komparativ studie av återvinningseffektivitet i bibliografiska databaser

Intervención cognitivo-conductual en los trastornos de ansiedad: una actualización

El tópico del burlador-burlado en los Caballeros de Aristófanes

The snooping dragon: social-malware surveillance of the Tibetan movement

War in Darfur and the Search for Peace

The microscope: meditations on the sub-visible world

Tacit knowledge as the unifying factor in evidence based medicine and clinical judgement

Many Other Things Worthy of Knowledge and Memory : The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and its Annotators, 1499-1700

To the Curious Enquirer : Depictions of Pacific Peoples in Popular Illustrated Books from Paris and London c. 1775-1810

Getting the science right, or introducing science in the first place? Local facts , global discourse- desertification in north-west Namibia

LibGuides: Native American Studies Research Guide: Microforms

Murder in America: A history

A history and bibliography of the Lenni Lenape

Wisconsin s area research centers

The benefits of prescription information leaflets (2

Deaths and pretty cousins

Original: A Screenplay Adaptation of Louisa May Alcott s Novel An Old-Fashioned Girl

Prairie Reverie: What Does the Word Prairie Mean in Postprairie Illinois

Queer Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives

Mother Goddesses and Subversive Witches: Competing Narratives of Gender Essentialism, Heteronormativity, and Queerness in Wiccan Ritual and Theology

Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity, and the Writing of History

Bravehearts: Men in Skirts

Anonymous, 5 Feb 2019

Beyond the fragments: Feminism and the making of socialism

Monsters Madonnas

Qu (e) erying comic book culture and representations of sexuality in Wonder Woman

British Asian narratives of urban space

Natural History Art, Botanical, Tropical Plants, Palm Trees, Barbados, Caribbean, Antique Prints, London, 1750

The study of life-satisfaction

The Grid Reimagined: The grid as a representation of the urban landscape in small and wearable objects

Emotionally charged: A practice-centred enquiry of digital jewellery and personal emotional significance

Art in context: The massive metalworking tradition of north-east Scotland

Worlds apart or together? African studies and popular imaginaries of Africa

Classroom community: Questions of apathy and autonomy in a high school jewelry class

Little machines in their gardens: A history of school gardens in America, 1891 to 1920

Budget Blues: The Fiscal Outlook and Options for Reform

Perspectives on Iraq s Past, Present, and Future in the Works of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and Yusuf Salman Yusuf

The formative platform of the Congress of Panama (1810-1826): the Pan-American conjecture revisited

Little Powder Monkey Jim Revisited: An insight into a traditional Tristan da Cunha Folk Song

Web security

China: History of Dress

The Lord Beaverbrook


International handbook of labour market policy and evaluation

Mass book digitization: The deeper story of Google Books and the Open Content Alliance

1942, the Pacific War, and the defence of New Zealand: a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Defence and

When do leaders matter? Hypotheses on leadership dynamics in social movements

Feminism and Youth Culture 2nd Edition

Anthropic Rock: a brief history

Nutritional and medicinal value of specialty mushrooms

Nutritional quality of organically grown food

Introducing Chinese food therapy: A review of origin, developing course and modern application

Medicinal mushroom science: history, current status, future trends, and unsolved problems

Encyclopedia of bioethics

The costs of poor health habits

Dietetic practice: the past, present and future

Patient and parent satisfaction with a dietitian-and nurse-led celiac disease clinic for children at the Stollery Children s Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta

Patient and parent satisfaction with a dietitian-and nurse-led celiac disease clinic for children at the Stollery Children s Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta

Fundamentals of clinical nutrition

Nutrition and development: short and long term consequences for health

Dissemination of Bananas in Latin America and the Caribbean and Its Relationship to the Occurrence of Radophouls similis

The risk approach in health care: with special reference to maternal and child health, including family planning

Dietetic practice: the past, present and future

Food and health in Europe: a new basis for action

Bridges and seams in architecture: a connection between the old and the new

Fractal Capitalism and the Latinization of the US Market

Building Better School-Community Relations In Latin-American Communities

Іноземна мова (Англійська мова

Pihvi ja semmonen barbecue-henkinen Texas style-veto Codeswitching in a Finnish Reality Television Programme Top Chef Suomi

The GDL Cookbook

Making a Memory Trace: Slow Time at the Windstar Retreat, Old Snowmass, Colorado

Declining reproductive parameters highlight conservation needs of loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Ebonics, Local Color, and Official Language: Who Resists Whom

Alexander Dalrymple (1737-1808), hydrographer to the East India Company and the Admiralty, as publisher: a catalogue of books and charts

Kombucha Culture: An ethnographic approach to understanding the practice of home-brew kombucha in San Marcos, Texas

Power, dependence and social exchange

The food of the worlds: Mapping and comparing contemporary gastrodiplomacy campaigns

Genre and text-type conventions in Early Modern Women´ s recipe books

Saving People From the Fiery Pits of Hell? A Review of The Very Worst Missionary

Great Lake Review Fall 2016

The Easter Massacre and Legal Abstraction [Book Review

Anglicisms and calques in upper social class in pre-revolutionary Cuba (1930-1959): A sociolinguistic analysis

SLP Corner: How to Use Books to Improve Toddlers Communication Skills

Light and color in nature: A return to optics roots

Using short stories to teach language skills

Roald Dahl-the reflectoin of his life experience in his short stories

Wobble and Little: a children s book

Roald Dahl: moral truth or immoral trivia

Roald Dahl-the reflectoin of his life experience in his short stories

The Female Avenger: Violence, Absurdity, and Black Humour in Roald Dahl s Short stories

Looking into the patriarchal world of Roald Dahl s short story Taste through and beyond its narrator

Cooking in the Books: Cookbooks and Cookery in Popular Fiction

Using depth intuition in creative problem solving and strategic innovation

The anatomy coloring book

Doors of female orgasmic consciousness: New theories on the peak experience and mechanisms of female orgasm and expanded sexual response

The amazing mysteries of the gutter: Drawing inferences between panels in comic book narratives

The runaway train: The railways and social anxiety in Victorian Britain

The Unity of Contraries in William Blake s World of Vegetation

The Bible and Interpretation

Historical criticism and the Evangelical

Biblical Criticism

The Little Blue Books in the War on Bigotry and Bunk

The government of Scotland: Public policy making after devolution

Juvenile justice in America

Psychotherapeutic value of books in the treatment and prevention of juvenile delinquency

Psychotherapeutic value of books in the treatment and prevention of juvenile delinquency

Guns in America: Assessing the impact of state firearm legislation on homicide and suicide rates in US metropolitan statistical areas

Policing a diverse society

Process of definition and development of the Haitian-Dominican borderland

Bitterroot Landing

Online dictionaries of English

Food advertising and marketing directed at children and adolescents in the US

Network centrality of metro systems

Sounding out the city: Personal stereos and the management of everyday life

Political economy of the Persian Gulf

Great Books Written in Prison: Essays on Classic Works from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr.(2015

and Mothers, School Mistresses and Scullery Maids: Working Women in Upper Canada 1790-1840. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen s University Press, 1995

Greenaway s Books

The Project Avalon Community Forum Project Avalon General Discussion Alternative Medicine Helicobacter pylori-advice and remedies

Dancing diplomacy: Performance and the politics of protocol in Australia

Classroom management: teaching young learners

The changing concept of epigenetics

Immigrant Narratives in Contemporary France

The family book

A Bayesian approach to study the space time variation of leprosy in an endemic area of Tamil Nadu, South India

Silent but for the word: Tudor women as patrons, translators, and writers of religious works

The game is not the same: a history of professional rugby in New Zealand

Literature on screen, a history: in the gap

Business plan for a cake bakery

DSLR video and its impact on the conventions in filmmaking

William Wordsworth: selected poems

The role of DARPA in seeding and encouraging new technology trajectories: Pre-and Post-Tony tether in the new innovation ecosystem

Sri Chinmoy on the nature and goals of contemplative practice

International education in Australia: The roller coaster

From Plato to Coleridge: the influence of the Platonic tradition on Poe s critical essays, tales, and poems

Egypt and Africa: Nubia from prehistory to Islam

The Grieg effect-On the contextualized effects of music in music therapy

The American Way: What Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men Reveal About America

Αυτόματη δημιουργία ερωτήσεων/ασκήσεων για εκπαιδευτικό σύστημα διδασκαλίας τεχνητής νοημοσύνης

Morphology and development of the Red Rock Canyon alluvial fan, Clark County, Nevada

Tarzan s Speech

Evaluating the Impact of The Day After Tomorrow

The materiality of the book: Another turn of the screw

Neologisms at the boundaries of prefixation, composition and syntagmatic composition in catalan: controversial and open questions

Translating Marc Rovira s Poetry from Catalan to English

Bilingualism in mental retardation: Some prospective views

Ushairi wa Abdilatif Abdalla katika Kubainisha Utamaduni wa Waswahili

Taswira ya Gereza Katika Riwaya ya Haini (Shafi Adam Shafi): Uhakiki wa Ki-Foucault

Swahili newspaper fiction in Kenya: the stories of James I. Mwagojo

Hali ya kupendwa kwa nyimbo za injili kama fasihi pendwa: mfano nyimbo za Christina Shusho

Language and literary education

Lugha Kama Kitambulisho: Changamoto ya Sheng Nchini Kenya

Matatizo Yanayowakumba Waandishi wa Vitabu vya Kiswahili Nchini Kenya

Usayansi wa Istilahi za Isimu ya Kiswahili

The necessity and implications of creative power or poetic authority in Wole Soyinka and Okot p Bitek

Panorama delle letterature dell Africa Subsahariana

Ishara na Uashiriaji kama Mikakati ya Uchimuzi katika Riwaya za Vita vya Mapenzi, Mzimu wa Waufi na Tanzia za Maundu Mwingizi

Slumdog Millionaire: The Film, the Reception, the Book, the Global

System Design of Mobile Augmented Book

An Italian Werewolf in London: Lycanthropy and The Duchess of Malfi

The Poetics and Politcs of Translation in Contemporary Drama, 1960s-1990s

An Italian Werewolf in London: Lycanthropy and The Duchess of Malfi


What are the alternatives to peer review? Quality control in scholarly publishing on the web


From policy to practice: implementation of physical activity and food policies inschools

An Interactive Model to Foster Family Literacy

Listening to voices from the East: nineteenth century Anglicans and the Russian Orthodox Church

A Romance Map of the State of Maine

A very able man, of somewhat explosive... opinions : the Reverend Henry Stuart Fagan (1827-1890), Church of England parson, Headmaster of Bath Grammar School

Reaction mechanism of two-neutron transfer in DWBA


WG Sebald: a profile

Piltdown man: the great English mystery story

To market, to market: a history and interpretation of the Indianapolis City Market, 1821-2014

So foul and fair a day: a history of Scotland s weather and climate

The non‐fiction reading habits of young successful boy readers: forming connections between masculinity and reading

The non‐fiction reading habits of young successful boy readers: forming connections between masculinity and reading

Skills, job control and the quality of work: The evidence from Britain (Geary Lecture 2012

The Message of the Book of Kings in relation to Deuteronomy and Jeremiah

Devil s Game: The Civil War Intrigues of Charles A. Dunham

The Tongue That Divided Life and Death. The 1923 Tokyo Earthquake and the Massacre of Koreans

Fathers and sons: american blues and british rock music, 1960-1970

Latin American Fashion

Fathers and sons: american blues and british rock music, 1960-1970

Nineteenth-Century Banjos in the Twenty-First Century: Custom and Tradition in a Modern Early Banjo Revival

The Things That Keep Us Up at Night: Reel Bio Horror

The History of the Book as a Field of Study within the Humanities

Learning manipulative skills using an artificial intelligence approach

Introduction: From the Mundane to the Sublime: Science, Empire, and the Enlightenment (1760s-1820s

Unmasking the cosmopolitan tiger

Recalling the Indies: Colonial culture postcolonial identities

Flamingo Dream

In search of a good death: observations of patients, families, and providers

Briefly Noted: Cancer and Emotion

Counseling with children in contemporary society

Home Literacy Environment, the Quality of Mother-Child Book Reading Interactions, and Taiwanese Children s Early Literacy Development

Real Talk: The Participation of African American and Caribbean American Young Men in a Middle School Book Club

He can read my writing but he sho can t read my mind: Zora Neale Hurston and the Anthropological Gaze

Early Review of Books by JRR Tolkien: Part III

It is particularly odd for a book with the word soul in its title to so completely ignore the role of evangelical Christianity in both the public and private lives of

Teaching Canadian culture: teacher preparation

Motivations for Lifelong Learning in the Life of Mrs. Hendrika Schuster

Corporate financial management

Whole life costing in construction: a state of the art review

Corporate financial management

Encyclopedia of bioethics

An Analysis of County and Community Resources Available for Social Studies and Science Classes in the Bisbee, Arizona, Area

Children s Choices for 2008: A project of the International Reading Association and The Children s Book Council

How to read church history

11.10. 32, Smith, War and the Making of Medieval Monastic Culture

Woody Guthrie and the Blues

Phenomenologies of Impairment: The Self-Portraits of Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close

Writing of women: essays in a renaissance

The documentary film book

Colonising Kahlo: Frida Kahlo and the Transcultural Encounter , 2011

Elements of parametric design

Noblemen s interests: Status and heraldry Coats of arms| Badges| Seals| Collars

Newid Ymddygiad Ieithyddol: cynyddu r niferoedd sy n defnyddio rhyngwynebau cyfrifadurol yn Gymraeg



Canfyddiadau Athrawon ar Gyflwyno Addysg Gorfforol Ansawdd Uchel o Fewn Ysgolion Cynradd Cyfrwng Cymraeg yng Nghorllewin Cymru

Beginning and intermediate algebra

The effects of computerized instruction in intermediate algebra

Law and Social Sciences in the Struggle against Discrimination

Lajos Kossuth

Estimates of genetic and environmental variability in soybeans 1

A walk along the Antonine Wall in 1825: the travel journal of the Rev John Skinner

The government of Scotland: Public policy making after devolution

Lewisian, Torridonian and Moine Rocks of Scotland

A brief history of predators, sheep farmers and government in the Western Cape, South Africa

Horticulture in Papua New Guinea: case studies from the Southern and Western Highlands

Nature performed: Environment, Culture and Performance

West Highland and Hebridean settlement pattern prior to crofting and the Clearances: a study in stability or change

Armed conflict and border society: The East and Middle Marches, 1536-60

Mass management of e-Book catalog records

The Nursing Companion

Category Archives

Mary Frith at the Fortune

and France, in: A collection of voyages and travels, some now printed from original manuscripts, others now first published in English (...), volume VI (London 1746

Postcolonialism, representation, and the city

Pedagogy of aesthetics: A study of three architectural design studios

Towards a fourth ecology: Social and environmental sustainability with architecture and urban design

Hypertext, the next generation: A review and research agenda

Jonathan Swift, Sir William Temple and the international balance of power

William-Henry Ireland, TI Curties Horsley, and the Anti-Catholic Gothic Novel

Review of A Time to Betray

The Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901

RUSLE: Revised universal soil loss equation

The progress of romance: literary historiography and the Gothic novel

Architectural grounding in miller s elektra: Temporality and spatiality in the graphic novel

The world on a plate: the impact of photography on travel imagery and its dissemination in Britain, 1839-1888

Boffin s Books and Darwin s Finches: Victorian Cultures of Collecting

If you must eat meat, save it for Christmas

Reading About Writing: My Journey Through Authors and Novels in Order to Become a Better Writer

The Grandeur of the Abbey: Exploring Gothic Architecture in Novels by Helen Maria Williams, Ann Radcliffe, and Jane Austen

Jonathan Swift, Sir William Temple and the international balance of power

from Night Sky

The nature and conditions of personal life: some aspects of the art of Joseph Conrad Virginia Woolf

Not of this earth: Jack the Ripper and the development of Gothic Whitechapel

Contact PopFlock

Learning by heart in Qur anic and public schools in northern Cameroon

Sufficiency economy and Santi Asoke: Buddhist economic ethics for a just and sustainable world

Tibetan Bonpo Mendrup: The Precious Formula s Transmission

Buddhist Tantra

Feminine Love in the Twelth Century-A Case Study: The Mulier in the Lost Love Letters and the Work of Female Mystics

Lyrical Modes of the Aesthetic Protest at the Poets of the War Generation

Always look on the bright side of death: violence, death, and supernatural transformation in Ovid s Fasti

150 Elamites

Interiority and Connectivity: A Brief Comparative Study on the Relation of Scripture and Contemplation in Bridal Mysticism and Krishna Bhakti

Niscaldas and his Vrttiprabhakar: Advaita Vedanta in the Vernacular

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures

Using creative visual research methods to understand media audiences

The aesthetics of self-invention: Oscar Wilde to David Bowie

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures

Dora Maar Biography

Afro-American Autobiography as Ideological Documentation: A study of Richard Wright s Black Boy

Women Engaged/Engaged Art in Postwar Bosnia: Reconciliation, Recovery, and Civil Society

Volume 7, Number 2-Spring 2016

Independent Group and Pop

International relations then and now: origins and trends in interpretation

Game theory for political scientists

Empire in denial: the politics of state-building

Political realism in international relations

Transnationalism: A new analytic framework for understanding migration: A new analytic framework

International multilateral negotiation: Approaches to the management of complexity

Diversity and critical social engagement: How changing technologies enable new modes of literacy in changing circumstances

An open book: what and how young children learn from picture and story books

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